AlToGeLiS Day

We organize a one-day AlToGeLiS meeting with problem discussion sessions at KTH Stockholm on June 17, 2022, after the conference Mathematics of Complex Data. In order to register, please fill in this form by May 31, 2022.

We organize four moderated problem discussion and working sessions on the topics algebraic statistics, applied algebraic geometry, combinatorics and geometry, and topological data analysis. In the morning, the speakers give a short presentation on some aspects of their area of research, with particular emphasis on one or two open problems. Each of these presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion where the audience is encouraged to make comments and ask questions, which then will be summarized and translated into concrete problems to work on. Participants then choose one of the questions and work on that in teams in the afternoon. The day ends with a short presentation by each team and dinner.

Algebraic statistics (Carlos Améndola):

Applied algebraic geometry (Kathlén Kohn):

Combinatorics and geometry (Katharina Jochemko):

Topological data analysis (Martina Scolamiero):

Sandra Di Rocco, Anna-Laura Sattelberger, Liam Solus, and Francesca Tombari.
Supported by the Brummer & Partners MathDataLab and the KTH Department of Mathematics.